Simon the Sorcerer

Simon Knowler, Interdisciplinary Sculpture, Graduation Year

Simon is a senior at MICA who is currently confronting his conceptions of what art can be, as well as his own role within art institutions. Simon is trying to work outside fine art after school. His goals, combined with his art school education, help him interrogate his relationship with art.

Project Overview

Art is almost entirely defined by intent. As reaction, I’ve set out on a doomed effort to create a situation that seeks to explore the relationship between art and intended action, and what I can do to escape the responsibilities of intentional art. By working solely in realms where I can’t personally be adding to the sum of knowledge involved, those being aviation and photography, I remove any pressure for results.

This project is doomed because I can only go so far to remove my intent, but creating a flash that will fire randomly to capture my efforts is how I’ll mitigate it.


  1. Title slide
  2. Research Question
  3. Process
  4. Skills learned
  5. Results
  6. Conclusions
  7. Acknowledgements

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