Mathematician, educator, and origamist, David Kandel, leads a special workshop on the art of paper folding. David will begin with a lecture on the different categories of origami and where these principles are applied in design. Afterwards the class splits in half, alternating between workshops. With David, students will fold a tessellated pattern. With Ryan, students will create a tessellated folding pattern in Grasshopper, then translate that pattern into paper using the laser cutter.

Origami Resources

Origami with Grasshopper and Lasercutting

This workshop draws upon our previous work in Grasshopper and integrates new workflows with the laser cutter to create parametric origami and kirigami.

Her are the demo files used in class:

PDF->Rhino-> Laser:


Grashopper Origami file made in class:


Geometry from previous GH file baked into Rhino:

Additional GH origami files:


GH file – “unfolding” a 3D object for foldable construction made on the laser cutter: