Unravel the Code will culminate in a final exhibition with a public reception on the evening of Wednesday 12/11/19. The show will remain on display through winter break. Students will display physical objects that are the results of their research throughout the semester. The nature of the work will vary depending on the project ranging from functional prototypes to finished objects and operating at different locals in the hybrid space of art, design, craft, and technology. Each student/team will also deliver a presentation that explains their project and their research process.

Exhibition Displays

Each student/team will have one display unit. These are displays that we have designed and fabricated for this exhibition. Each unit has a 36″x20″ table, an overhead light, and electrical power. If more information is need than can be found in the images below, you can use this Rhino model of the displays.



  • finished object or functional prototype – due 12/04
  • all required supporting technology
    • tech available by request
      • Windows computer towers (with power cable and locking cable)
      • Dell monitors (with connectors and power cable)
      • keyboards
      • mouses
      • headphones (with holder)
      • micca media players (with HDMI cables)
      • mini projector
      • lockable iPad holder (no iPad)

written materials

  • project statement – 100 words – for tear-offs & website- due 11/10
  • project statement – 50 words – for display banner & website – due 11/17
  • bio/artist team – 50 words – for display banner – due 11/24
  • final edited texts – 100 words, 50 words – for tear-offs & website – due 11/24
  • project info – project title, name, major, graduation year, list of technologies and materials used – for display banner, tear offs, and website – due 11/24
  • process statement – 100 words – for website – due 12/01
  • photos – headshot(s) + 3 images of process/final work – due 12/01


  • headshot – 300 dpi or 4×6 in – for display banner & website – due 12/01
  • process photos – 300 dpi or 4×6 in – for display banner – due 12/01
  • project photos – 300 dpi or 4×6 in – for website – due 12/04


Every student/team will deliver a 5 minute presentation. Create your 7 slide deck using PowerPoint in a 16:9 format, addressing the following points:

  1. Introduce yourself and your project
    1. The title of your project
    2. Your name
    3. Your major and graduation date
    4. An image that introduces your project
  2. Research Question
    1. Your clearly stated research question
    2. An image that is relevant to your question
  3. Process
    1. Explain your process for answering your question.
    2. Illustrate the process with an image(s)
  4. What you learned
    1. List the skills you had to acquire to do this work
    2. Illustrate that process with an image(s)
  5. Results
    1. Explain the final result of your research, using images
  6. Conclusions
    1. Explain what you learned from your research
    2. Indicate new questions and potential extensions of this work
  7. Acknowledgements
    1. Thank yous
    2. Credits

compiled post on class website

The final deliverable for the class is a compilation of all of the images and written elements into a single post on the class website. This will be a key reference for determining final grades and will also persist as a resource for future users of the UNRVL website. There is a template post that has been created for you that exits as a draft with you as the author. Login, paste in the required elements, confirm that everything looks correct in the preview, and then publish your post. A preview of the template, with embedded instructions is available below.