Ryan Hoover
Mary Smull

In this multi-part workshop we explore the digital nature of weaving. Visiting artist, Mary Smull leads a lecture on weaving, followed by a two-part workshop. With Mary, students will create weave drafts and than make their woven pattern on the loom. With Ryan, student will weave 0s and 1s in Grasshopper to make virtual textiles in Rhino+Grasshopper.

Weaving History

Weave Drafts

A weave draft is a plan or notation to explain the structure of a woven textile. It can show pattern, color, and multiple layers of cloth woven simultaneously.
weave draft handout

The Loom

Weaving in Grasshopper

n our first Grasshopper workshop in this class, Ryan lead everyone through the process of creating a woven structure through binary management of of data in this flexible algorithmic platform.

Below you will find a couple demo files that recap what was done in class and expands upon these ideas.

demo files:


Weave Examples File: Plain, Twills, and Basket Weaves

This demo file reviews what we did in class and covers several other weaves discussed in the demo/handout.


Weave Example File: Weave from Image – `a la Jacquard

other resources: