Sam Zanowski, Interdisciplinary Sculpture 2021

Sam Zanowski is an interdisciplinary artist whose current work focuses on sentimentality, assigned significance, and our personal and collective relationships with objects. His works most often take shape as sculptural forms that employ the familiar design motifs of furniture and the ready-made product, while investigating our intimate link with all things physical.

Project Overview

We all find ourselves holding onto objects. From things we find interesting enough to pick up to things we collectively take efforts to preserve. In all our keeping and collecting, there is a visible love in the relationships to the objects. Affinity explores the moments in which these relationships to objects form. The work presents a previously unknown object to the viewer and allows them to go through an accelerated introduction and relationship to that object, one that condenses the experience to the key steps of beginning to love an object. Through this concentrated yet synthetic experience, it tests the question “can you manufacture love for an object?”


The process behind Affinity involved personal speculation, questioning, and research along with endeavors into new skills. Throughout the process, the intended result of the project fluctuated between sculpture, sculpture combined with video, and just video itself. It was decided that investing time in in-depth modeling and learning how to render and animate with Cinema4D. IN the end, the result is a video that is somewhat acting as a proposal for the physical object/vessel, while still being able to express and illustrate its intentions.


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