Nature Morte

Ella Huang, Graphic Design, 2020

Ella Huang is a graphic designer focusing on Interactive Design, Branding, Publication and
3D/2D Motion-graphic design. Using graphic design as a tool for storytelling, Huang explores
the concept of graphic designer as writer. She is keen to use experimental media to describe
philosophical propositions of time, space, human, and nature.

Project Overview

In Nature Morte, Ella Huang describes how time is passing by in an idealistic world by choosing
objects to act as manual, irregular time recorders. When each object was 3D scanned, both
scanner and printer recorded that moment of its existence. When touching the objects, the
screen zooms in to show the traces of time for each. By revealing how typical still life
objects—flowers, fruit, a glass of water, a candle, a stone—all have their own experience of
time, Huang upends the concept of “nature morte,” French for “still life,” bringing vitality to these
presumed “dead” objects.


“Nature morte” is French for “still life”, which literally means dead nature. Artist use paint brush, light and film to freeze the moment of the still life object’s time. In this project, Ella Huang used this form to explore how the time continually sculpting the shape of nature. In the beginning she used 3D scanner and 3D printer to record the moment of their existence. And explored how the objects experienced time in different way with time-lapse photography. The final exhibition is a interactive installation. When the audience touch the objects, the screen will focus on the specific objects and combined with the volume of sound, display how this object record the passing of time.


  1. Title slide: Nature Morte
  2. Research Question: How to use still life object combined with sound to narrative time? How to describe time in an idealistic view.
  3. Process: 3D scanner and printer record the moment of existence; Time Lapse Videos deplay how they experiencing time; Processing and Arduino are for interaction with audience.
  4. Skills learned: Time lapse photography, electric soldering, 3D scanning and 3D printing, Arduino and Processing.
  5. Results: An interactive installation which show the concept that time is relative, time is subject, the feeling of time existed in our conscious.
  6. Conclusions: I learned a lot of new skills, how to use technology to serve my concept and how to use the 3D shape to tell the story of time.
  7. Acknowledgements: Thanks to Unravel the Code team, Annet, Ryan, Alan, Vic, Paul, Margaret, and class for concept development and all kinds of help. Special thanks to Alan and Dfab for helping me with coding, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

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