Joy Li, Interdisciplinary Sculpture, 2021

Joy Li is a interdisciplinary artist from Shenzhen, China. Working with a variety of mediums like sculpture, video, performance and photography, her works seek to amplify and enhance the metaphors we find in our every day. 

Project Overview

Through this performance, I want to showcase stages from having a limitation created by a collective experience to losing it. The bubble shapes the water vapor, but it also restricts the vapor. As the bubble rising higher and the top of the bubble’s surface getting too thin to stand air pressure, it will pop, and the vapor will dissipate and disappear in the air. This process is a metaphor for how boundaries can give things shape but also restrictions and how freedom is liberation but also brings uncertainty.


What I learned from this project is finding the pattern of things. Looking for patterns rather than content. I observed the structure of the bubble’s movement and changing steps, and then applied the story to the structure. While I was organizing and curating different elements in the performance, I saw how different things sharing the same pattern and the possibility to be a lateral thinker and a lateral seer.


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Creative Process Journal: https://enjoyourames.wordpress.coml

Portfolio: https://joylijiayi.myportfolio.com

Instagram: @joy_li__ https://www.instagram.com/joy_li__/

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