International Collective Project with WDKA and ST LUCAS ANTWERPEN

Driving Questions:
These were the main driving questions we asked ourselves during group discussions. They shaped the way for our final product and make for a good reflection of the process.

– What kind of senses/inputs are missing from the standard ways of digital communication?
– How do we accurately communicate intentions in digital form? Is there a way in which we can playfully approach the miscommunications that take place via texting, email, etc?
– Is there room for interpretation in the way we communicate?
– What does movement tell us about emotions?

The Double User Experience

This is a scenario where the device connects two people whose displays show the movement of one another.

The Many Users Experience

This is our ‘what if we had more time’ scenario. In a multi-user scenario, a specific group of people would have the device and their movements would be registered during a set time or task. The output of this data would be converted into some sort of data visualisation where one could observe the behaviour of the whole group and draw conclusions.


Jeneanne: Department of Poetics; Spokesperson;

Rodrigo: Programming & Development Department (+wiki page)

Jinnie: Visual Designer; Branding Team;

Ruichao: Visual Designer; Branding Team;

David: 3D Engineer and Product Development

Rik: Programming & Development Department (+wiki!); Head of Charisma;

Iren: Director of Photography;

Marijke: Visual Designer; Branding Team;