Ellie Bazurto, MA Social Design, 2022

Ellie Bazurto is an industrial and experiential designer with a passion for speculative design, focusing on community-connectedness and more sustainable futures. By using a research and design process rooted in strategy, storytelling, and creative collaboration, she is working toward positive opportunities for change.

Project Overview

Entangle is an experimental research and design exploration of knitting which subverts the common perception of it as an outdated, gendered symbol of domesticity. Fundamentally knitting is both a structure and a method of making. Through Entangle, Ellie Bazurto challenges the traditional perceptions of knitting by experimenting with alternative materials and uses visual storytelling to educate and reimagine the role of knitting in sustainable, speculative futures. A multi-phase project, phase 01 of Entangle encourages participants to explore their perceptions and join the conversation through an interactive digital space of the accompanying website.


With more than a decade of knitting experience, I began this project intending to knit an artifact for an imagined futuristic situation. However, it became clear that outdated views of knitting could get in the way of people’s perceptions of an object, even a futuristic one. Entangle combines a series of physical and digital components that work together to challenge these perceptions. Using gathered, gifted, and repurposed materials, I knit swatches for a library of alternative materials. The digital space combines my research and experiments with visual storytelling + data on an accessible platform that allows the narrative to evolve with time. In the second phase of this project, I will take these materials and begin to imagine their use in a possible sustainable future.


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Continue to follow the project at: https://entangle.webflow.io
Creative Process Journal: https://elliecjp.wordpress.com

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Portfolio: www.elliebazurto.com

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