Do you want me to prove it to you?

Taylor G. Pestorius, Interdisciplinary Sculpture, ’19

Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist and intersectional feminist hailing from central New Jersey. Her goal in artmaking is to create an honest and personal analysis of power structures through constructed and/or performed metaphor. Taylor’s personal passions include music, reading, journaling, object construction, building healthy relationships, playing scrabble, and eating candy.

Project Overview

One must act performatively within a system to upset the system. Women artists, and women everywhere, are asked to engage with more intensive processes to prove their ideas are worth sharing. Though physical labor is traditionally perceived as masculine, women engage in the physical labor of homemaking and childbearing, for example, as well as emotional labor. Pestorius works performatively within this context by building a chainmail dress. The industrial 17 gauge steel wire is woven into a garment with handmade tools. The traditionally masculine perception of building is contradicted by the traditionally feminine perception of garment making, upsetting a system which will literally weigh down the artist.


Creative Process Journal


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