Due to her inimitable curiosity, Annet has pursued the ongoing conversations between traditional textile production and emerging technologies throughout her art and teaching career. From her early work in the fashion industry, to creating sculptural forms and jacquard weavings, to working with Smart Textiles and to her recent work with fish fossils and skeletons through the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship at the National Museum of Natural History, Couwenberg’s interdisciplinary work has demonstrated her capacity to create in new realms.

Born in The Netherlands, she moved to the United States to pursue MFA degrees at Syracuse University and Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has worked internationally including in Korea, Turkey, Germany, and The Netherlands with one-person shows at the Textiel Museum in The Netherlands (NL), the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Center for the Arts, Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD, the American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA and the City Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Group exhibitions include shows at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC; Gyeonggi MoMa and HOMA in Seoul; the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD; the Decorative Arts Museum, Little Rock, AK. A monograph of her work has been published by Telos Art Publishing. Couwenberg’s work has been reviewed by and featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Le Monde, National Academy of Science Magazine, BMoreArt, the Baltimore Sun, Sculpture Magazine, Fiberarts, Surface Design, Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture. Her work is in permanent collections of Baltimore Museum of Art; Nederlands Textielmuseum, NL; Museum de Kantfabriek, NL; Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea; Jinnam Art and Culture Center, Korea; and numerous private collections.

Her commitment to craft/design/art education and her role in innovative curriculum development is broad and deep from serving on boards like Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Baltimore Clayworks to Baltimore Design School

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Traditional craft techniques

New digital ways of working

Interdisciplinary ways of working

Experimental Fashion

Emerging technologies

Research through making, making through research

Jacquard weaving


Textile Design

3D rendering and printing