I have an UNRVL related blog (which should get into a feed somehow…)


In the summer of 2019, I did a residency in Berlin with StudioHILO, working on the software for their digital spinning machine. It uses some of the same technologies as 3D printers (arduino, steppers, etc.). I hope to build one for MICA.

Dan Conrad (home/baker/wikipedia) has several pieces up at Red Emmas. I assist him with his performance machine, the Chromacord, and his next generation technology for the light-paintings. I have nothing to do with his weird noise performances.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • Way too many years of programming and “computer stuff”.
    • If it can give a syntax-error, I’ve done it or can figure it out.
    • I can do linux stuff.
    • And many database stuff.
    • And communication protocol stuff.
    • And more stuff.
  • The blinky lights: Arduino, Raspberry PI, sensors, effectors, (very) basic electronics.
    • Blinky-lights should be easier. I keep looking for a better way.
  • Soldering, wiring, connectors.
  • Moderate mechanical engineering.
  • Woodshop tools.
  • Bicycle maintenance.


When I assist with code, I put it on github. I also have some libraries for Arduino:

XOD might be a better way for programming the Arduino. Kind of like Grasshopper. I’ve written some libraries (also on github) for it.

But, using Python to program Arduinos is certainly better if you aren’t a c++ expert, and almost no-one is. I used to be, but I got better. Adafruit has a line of Python enabled Arduinos.


  • How can non-programmers use the Arduino?
  • What can we use as “muscles” for our devices?