There are a variety of resources to help you learn to use Rhino, the 3D modeling software we will be using in this class.

If you learn well from video tutorials, then check out the Rhino 5 Essential Training on Lynda. It starts off a little slowly; the first 5 chapters are mostly about getting you settled with the interface. At chapter 6 it picks up. You will need to log in to your MICA account to access most content on Lynda.

If you prefer a more text-based approach, the Rhino User’s Guide is actually quite good.  (It never hurts to RTFM.) They also have handbooks for their Level 1 and Level 2 training. There are other specific tutorials on the Rhino website. All of these tutorials have example files that go with them.

If none of these quite work for you, there are plenty of other tutorials and videos available online.

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